Domoflex 2 - Lift Indoor

Available in Aluminium and Steel Structure

DomoFlex is the most silent Italian screw-driven platform lift (as quiet as a modern refrigerator at 48 dB). Designed to be placed on finished floors. No need for pits or masonry works.

DomoFlex lifting platforms are offered with swing glazed doors as standard. They guarantee maximum visibility and passive safety. They can also be equipped with motorization to allow automatic opening and to make it easier to enter the platform. It’s possible to open the door from a distance thanks to the special remote control (optional).

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Indoor Specification

LIGHTLY BUILT AND ELEGANT The platform is provided with an ultra-light and elegant aluminum glazed structure. It’s been designed to be Installed In every kind of building and exIsting attics.

REDUCED ROOM REQUIREMENTS AND OPTIMIZED SPACE Thanks to the structure’s reduced dimensions, it Is ideal whenever comfort is required and limited installation space is available. It can be installed Indoor for travels up to 13 m.

EVEN FOR MASONRY SHAFT  It can be supplied with our structure or ready to be fit in a masonry shaft as well as in In a structure supplied by the customer.

Traction  Electrical Screw-drive
Payload 340 – 400 kg
Pit 50 mm (not necessary)
Max travel 13m DomoFlex Open: 3,6 m
Height of equipment wall DemoFlex Open: 1100 mm
Headroom 2145 mm inside the shaft  40mm for the roof (door height 2000mm)
Min. platform thickness 50 mm
Speed 15 cm/s
Power supply 230 Vac – 50/40HA single phase
Rated Power 2.2 kW
Corrente assorbita 10A max
Cycles/hour 20 max
Entrances Single, opposite, adjacent or triple
Noise level Less than 48 dB
Control panel Integrated In the door frame at lowest floor
Safety systems Sensible edges (perimetric and on the COP) – Emergency stop button – Acoustic alarm button – Overload sensors – Emergency descent
Reference Standard FN 81-41
DomoFlex Open: D.M. 2006/42/CE – EN 81-41 with travel up to 3m

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